What Are Special Teams in Football?

Special teams in football is a group of people who work together to ensure that the game runs smoothly. The person leading this group is known as a special teams coach. They oversee the entire process of setting up a field goal kicker and punter, and ensuring they’re both ready for kickoff.

Football is a sport where every second counts, so it’s vital to keep everything running efficiently. A special teams coach is responsible for making sure that everything goes according to plan, including keeping track of the timekeeper, lining up the players, and being able to quickly get the ball into the hands of the correct player.

A special teams coach also makes sure all equipment is in order before a match begins. For example, if the referee needs to check something on his microphone, he’ll ask for the special teams coach to help him out. All these things make the special teams crucial to the success of the team.

What Are Special Teams in Football?

If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you’ve probably heard of special teams. This is a group of players who work together to make sure that the other team doesn’t score any points.

There’s one type of special team in football: kickoff coverage. Kickoff coverage involves the return of the ball after it has been kicked off by the opposing team. The job of the kickoff cover men is to prevent the opponent from scoring.

Special Teams in Football
Special Teams in Football

Another type of special team in football: punt returns. Punting is when the player kicks the ball with his foot instead of throwing it. A punter will try to kick the ball through the end zone so that he can get extra yards.

And finally, there are two types of special teams in football: kickoff and punt. Both of these involve kicking the ball. However, the difference between them is that a kicker is always trying to put the ball into the end zone. On the other hand, the purpose of the punter is to stop the opposing team from gaining yardage.

The Four Types of Special Teams in Football

There are four fundamental types of plays that special teams execute. All of these plays are kicking plays. They all have specific differences, but they’re all designed to get your player to the end zone. Each specific special teams unit is usually matched up against an offensive counterpart on the other team. Some teams have a defensive version of the special teams unit while others don’t.


There are several parts to this play. First, the ball is free-standing on a tee. This plays differs from every other kicking play, which all begin with the ball being snapped to a holder or punter. The field goals (kickoffs) are the most exciting of all the kicks, and if the quarterback calls for one from the same distance as the punts, it’s even more exciting.

If the ball goes out of bounds in the opposing team’s end-zone, it results in a touchback, which puts the line of scrimmage at the 25-yard line. This team is made up of special defenders who are usually 10 feet away from the tee. Both players are designated to start at the 50-yard line, but only one returns kickoffs. NFL players can play a variety of positions. Some players can be receivers, cornerbacks, running backs, and even linebackers or defensive lineman.


Defensive teams often punt the ball on fourth down during an offensive drive, because they don’t want their opponent to turn it over. Punters don’t handle the ball before they kick it. They kick the ball before handling the ball.

At the start of the play, the long-snapper will snap the ball back to the punter who will catch it and then drop it as he kicks it. The defense lines up similarly for a kickoff. The defensive line will have a punt returner in the backfield. The punt returner can return the ball after catching it or wave it dead as part of a fair catch.

A touchback is when the kicking team kicks the ball past the goal line and out of the field of play. If the ball lands in the field of play, it is a touchdown.

Field Goal

A field goal unit is a specific type of offensive play that occurs when an offense attempts a field goal. A play involving the kicker and a holder and may also involve a punter.

While most offensive lines play a significant role in the field goal unit, they may use their center as the long snapper. The field goal unit is typically one of the most successful scoring units in football. It’s not unusual for placekickers to be among the highest scoring players on a given football team. The most valuable NFL player who is not a kicker is wide receiver Dez Bryant. His stats this year are 31 catches, 442 yards, 9 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Extra Point

Most of the players who participate in the field goal unit will also line up for extra points after a touchdown.MADISON – It was a busy night in Madison. The Wisconsin Badgers had to play their second game of the season against the North Dakota State Bison. This was also the first-ever meeting between the schools.

However, if the quarterback opts for a two-point conversion, it may be the quarterback or the backup who lines up with the extra point unit. If the defense opts to defend a field goal or extra point, the defensive line will usually add more linebackers.

You know a team can’t put together a consistent drive without their quarterback. If you’re in search of a quarterback who can win consistently, look no further than Joe Flacco.

The Importance of Special Teams in Football

Fans might not realize how significant special teams can be, especially since they aren’t always featured in game highlights. But the special teams’ units have a tremendous responsibility, as the game develops. The purpose of a kick returner is to run the ball up the field and attempt to get a good field position from where the team can begin its offense. Similarly, defensive players have a vital role in preventing their team from scoring points on kicking plays.

Blockers can tackle the field goal and extra-point attempts that are so important in close games. A good example would be when a team kicks off the ball from their own half. The Onside Kick is a short kick to the side of the field, often called a fake, that is designed to get the ball quickly back in play from an opponent. It can be a successful play if executed properly.

 The head coach is the team’s leader. He’s responsible for overall team performance, including special teams’ plays. A coach who coaches the same players all the time gets well rounded and becomes a head coach later in life. The NFL head coaching positions are filled with former coaches who were once special teams coaches.


In Conclusion, Special teams are an important part of the game of American football. They consist of the offense, defense, and special teams, and they work together to score touchdowns, stop the opposing team from scoring, and prevent the other team from scoring. While there is a lack of drama in a special teams play, the players are often some of the most successful scorers in the NFL. They show how instrumental they are when it comes to every game.

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