How Long Do Softball Games Last?

How Long Do Softball Games Last

How Long Do Softball Games Last? With a sport as dynamic and thrilling as softball, you often don’t even notice that the game has flown by and it’s already the last inning. Unlike baseball, where games sometimes seem to drag on forever, in softball, the winner is known much faster. Plus, there’s much more action on the … Read more

Who Invented Softball? The History of Softball

Who Invented Softball

Who Invented Softball? Softball is a variant of baseball and a popular participant sport, especially in the U.S. Approximately 40 million Americans play a game of softball in any given year. However, the game owes its growth to another sport entirely: football.  Who Invented Softball? The First Softball Game George Hancock, a news reporter for … Read more

How Many Innings are in Softball Game?

How Many Innings are in Softball

How Many Innings are in Softball? Softball matches, whether recreational or for schools, are seven innings. There are nine players on the field for each team, which is the same as baseball. Here is the full breakdown of how many innings are in softball and more! How Many Innings in Softball Game vs. Baseball Game? … Read more