What is a Goalie in Soccer?

What is a Goalie in Soccer?

Goalies play a distinct and vital function in the soccer (football) game. They manage the defense, take saves and may even throw the ball to midfielders to get it further away from goal. The goalie’s job is one of the most distinctive than the other field players because they are the ones who guard the goal. Let’s review … Read more

What is a Fullback in Football?

What is a Fullback in Football?

A fullback is one of the eleven offensive players on the field during an American Football game. Primarily acting as a blocker, they can also run and catch the ball on plays. Similar to tight ends in size, fullbacks have various roles depending on which play is called for. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of … Read more

What is a Field Goal in Football?

What is a Field Goal in Football

You’ll notice that touchdowns aren’t the only way to earn points during an NFL game. Field goals are kicked by a specialized player called a kicker in certain situations. During regular play, a field goal is made when the kicker kicks or drop kicks the ball through the goalposts and over the crossbar. If a … Read more

What is a Cap in Soccer?

What is a Cap in Soccer

The game of soccer (football) is rich in traditions, filled with history, and full of pride. A soccer cap is a great way to showcase the best players. Soccer caps, or international caps, are tally marks of how many international games a player played. What are the qualifications for earning a cap, and why is … Read more

What is a Brace in Soccer?

What is a Brace in Soccer

When a player scores two goals in soccer (football), he or she is said to have scored a brace. A player scoring two goals in a soccer game is considered an achievement, since the average game has less than three goals. A hat-trick is when a player scores three goals in a game. Why is … Read more

What Does the ACC Mean in College Football?

What Does the ACC Mean in College Football

In the US, the Atlantic Coast Conference is one of the top five collegiate athletic conferences. There are 15 member universities in the division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Each season, the associated press covers the conference extensively. Additionally, the ACC boasts some of the finest student-athletes in … Read more

What Does SEC Mean in College Football?

What Does SEC Mean in College Football

In the United States, the Southeastern Conference, or SEC, is one of the largest athletic conferences. A total of 14 universities are members, primarily located in the south central and southeast regions of the United States. NCAA Division I sports competitions are played at these universities, including the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the highest level … Read more

What Are Special Teams in Football?

Special Teams in Football

Special teams in football is a group of people who work together to ensure that the game runs smoothly. The person leading this group is known as a special teams coach. They oversee the entire process of setting up a field goal kicker and punter, and ensuring they’re both ready for kickoff. Football is a … Read more