What Is A Double In Darts? Complete Guide

What is a double in darts? The dart game became popular in the 19th century. Even anyone can play this game; it is simple to install, easy to learn, low cost to enter, and entertaining to watch, all add to its popularity.

But like all other games, this game contains a few rules to follow. And the most important thing that people want to know is what is a double in darts.

I think you are entirely new to darts. You have never played before, threw a few darts on the board, without knowing what to do.

I will describe you through each step of the darts game process to better understand the game and learn how to play on your own, and I hope it will be enjoyable for you.

What Is A Double In Darts
What Is A Double In Darts

What is a Double in Darts and How to Get a Double in Darts?

The two players (or one player from each group) toss one dart each at the bulls-eye. The nearest to the bulls-eye will get the chance to toss first. Regularly this player likewise names the game to be played. Every segment of the scoreboard is inscribed with the initials of players, with the champion of the bulls-eye on the left.

If the game was called double in, the primary player needs to hit any double on the board before they start checking their score. For instance, if the player tossed a solitary 20, a double 20, and a solitary 20, the score would be 60 focuses. The central dart didn’t count because the performer had not yet hit a twofold, so just the 2nd and 3rd darts counted. When a player has “gotten in,” ensuing rounds don’t require a double to be tossed once more.

A “double out” game implies that you should hit a double that makes your score precisely zero to dominate the match. For instance, if you have 32 focuses left, you should hit a double sixteen with your primary scoring dart to win. If you avoid the double sixteen and hit a solitary eight, you presently have 24 focuses left and now have 24.

Assume that you now score 23 points and focus on your remaining two darts. As you only have 1 point, you have “busted” since you can’t toss half of 1.busted.” The moment you bust, all of the darts you threw in that round do not check, and your turn is over. Furthermore, you crash if you end up with less than zero or if you hit exactly zero, but your final dart did not hit twice.

Rules of the Dart Game

The rules for playing darts are straightforward and have been discussed in the previous sections. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind:

  • It is the aim of 501 to be the first performer or team to reach zero from starting with 501.
  • Which performer will take the first roll in a match is determined by launching a dart from the nearest bull taking the first shot.
  • In fact, the throw is composed of three consecutive darts except the game wins with a lower number.
  • At the end of the throw, only darts on the board count and those that fall or bounce cannot be turned another time.
  • When one performer scores a few more than the total number of points remaining, his shot ends and counts zero (for example, if he has 16 points left and accidentally hits 20 with his first arrow).
  • The core of the bull must be precisely 1.73 meters high.
  • Finally, darts are launched from a well-marked foot, usually called an oche, which is about 7’9” from the board, if you measure flat.


All the rules for playing dartboard competitions are included in this article. I hope now your idea about what is a double in darts will be clear.

There are many games and commands that can tempt you to join competitions in dart sports if you are a fan of dart games. You can regularly hit your local area pub for a traditional game of darts with your buddies.

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