What to Wear Cross-Country Skiing? The Right Way to Dress

What to wear cross country skiing

What to wear cross country skiing? Among the most aerobic activities, cross-country skiing produces a lot of heat. So that you don’t overheat, your clothing needs to protect you from the elements while allowing sweat to move away from your body quickly. If it doesn’t, you risk getting chilled (and possibly hypothermic) once you stop. … Read more

How Long is a Cross Country Race? Cross-Country Running Guide

Cross-Country Running Guide

How Long is a Cross Country Race? Running cross-country outside in rough terrain is a popular sport. Learn more about cross-country running and get training tips for beginners. Cross-country Running: What Is It? Cross-country running is a sport where runners (also called harriers) run on open-air tracks that incorporate natural terrain. The sport can be … Read more